Voleo #FeatureSpotlight | Building a Stock Watchlist

 Lauren Wilson

September 30, 2019

Voleo #FeatureSpotlight shows you how to maximize your Investment Club performance by leveraging Voleo’s specialized features.


Building a Stock Watchlist

Today’s #FeatureSpotlight shows you how you can build a stock watchlist.

Why is it important?

A stock watchlist is a list of stocks that you monitor because you are interested in buying or selling them once they meet certain investment criteria. This list allows you to make more informed and well-timed investment decisions. The stocks that will live on your watchlist are stocks that you are familiar with and that you have researched or are planning to research and discuss with your investment club. Typically, an investor will monitor the list either daily or weekly and propose or place a trade once certain criteria have been met. 

There are over 8,000 companies listed on US stock exchanges. Turning that mass of data into a manageable list allows an investor to track companies and stay on top of the most relevant financial news. This gives you a better chance of capturing moves early and reacting when something happens in the market. 

Leveraging the stock watchlist feature within Voleo helps you see this list in one place, reducing work and saving you time

How to access the feature:

  1. From the Home Screen, tap on research, here  you can see the top Market Leaders and your personalized Watchlist

To add a specific stock to your personal Watchlist:

  1. Click search a stock, and find the stock you are interested in

  2. Click the plus button at the top right 

  3. Select Watch Stock

  4. The stock will now be part of your watchlist

Not sure what stocks to follow? Not a problem. You can have stocks added based on sectors of interest for inspiration:

  1. Click on What kind of companies are you interested in?, represented by the eyeglasses on some screens

  2. Select the sectors that you are interested in

  3. Click save

  4. A selection of stocks from that sector will be populated into your watchlist

To remove a stock from your watchlist:

Option 1:

  1. Click the stock detail to open the individual stock research page

  2. Click the plus button at the top right

  3. Select “Unwatch Stock”

Option 2:

  1. Click and hold down on the stock in your watchlist

  2. Select “Unwatch Stock”

Did you know?

By building your watchlist in Voleo, you can integrate your stock research with your investment club discussions and proposals. From your watchlist, click and hold down on any stock, and you can initiate a stock discussion or trade immediately with your investment club!

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