Voleo #FeatureSpotlight | Proposing a Trade with Your Investment Club

 Lauren Wilson

July 11, 2019

Voleo #FeatureSpotlight shows you how to maximize your Investment Club performance by leveraging Voleo’s specialized features.


Proposing a Trade with Your Investment Club

Today’s #FeatureSpotlight shows you how you can propose a trade to your investment club.

Why is it important?

Trade proposals and discussions are a core part of investing as a group. Facilitating access to unlock the wisdom of the crowd, proposing a trade on Voleo initiates an opportunity for your club members to share their thoughts and vote on your proposed trade. Trades are sent to market once quorum is reached and will be successful if the order details are achieved.

How to access the feature:

1. From the Home Screen, tap on your investment club

2. On the portfolio tab, select the plus button on the top right of the screen

3. Select propose a trade

4. Search and select the stock you’d like to propose to buy or sell

5. Specify the price:

  1. By moving the slider up and down on the share price graph OR

  2. Click and type directly into the share price box

6. Specify the share volume: 

  1. By moving the quality slider left or right OR

  2. Click and type directly into the share box

7. Determine your order type: limit or stop (get more details on order types) and set the order expiry

8. Review the proposal, add comments to persuade your team and send it to your club. You can also share your proposal to get feedback from your broader social network at the click of a button

10. Your team can now review and discuss the proposal and add their vote

11. If quorum is reached, the trade will be sent to market and will be successful if the order details are achieved

See the feature in action:

Did you know?

Voleo keeps track of your trade decisions, whether they were successful or not, through its patent-pending DROID (definitive return on investment decision) technology. By tracking these decisions for you, Voleo creates valuable intelligence, enabling investors to learn and build their reputation within their investment club, and the community as a whole.

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