Meet Jeffrey Low, Voleo Intern

 Lauren Wilson

February 19, 2020

Recently, Voleo welcomed Jeffrey Low to Voleo as high-school intern in our Vancouver office. We were inspired by his passion for finance and know big things will happen for him as he continues his education and starts his career. We wanted to be the first to sit-down with him for a quick Q&A and learn some of his financial inspiration and recommendations. I'm sure we'll be pointing to this in the future and saying 'we knew him when!'.   Look out for Jeffrey's blog post overs the next few weeks!

Meet Jeffrey:

Q: Tell us a bit about you:

A: I’m currently a grade twelve student at Windermere Secondary School in East Vancouver. At school, I am taking a wide assortment of business and numeracy courses like Entrepreneurship and Calculus because I want to become an investment banker in the future.  Outside of school, I enjoy being involved in impact-oriented initiatives such as Windermere Student Council and Windermere Ratanak Club.  In my free time, I run half-marathons with my school’s running club and compete in business case study competitions with my friends. 

Q: How did you get interested in Finance?

A: I have always been fascinated by patterns and problem solving using math. During the last few years, I have gained an interest in the study of business. While studying both, my thoughts were, “why not combine the two?”

Q: Financial/investing inspiration and why:

A: Warren Buffet is my financial inspiration because he is extremely humble and generous. He pledged to donate 99% of his wealth towards various philanthropic organizations, as he does not see the need to spoil himself with materialistic goods. I admire his gift of investing, but I admire his wise outlook on life even more. 

Q: Favourite quote and why:

A: My favourite quote is from Mahatma Gandhi. He once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” This resonates with me because I have always believed in social responsibility and pursuing what matters most to you. 

Q: You spent a week working with the Voleo team. What did you do and learn?

A: During the week, I helped conduct research in the investment industry and wrote blog content for the website. Voleo offered me a flexible schedule and total independence, which was out of my comfort zone because I was used to following directions at school. This flexibility helped me develop my independent learning capabilities, build upon my time management skills, and strengthen my ability to be self-motivated. Each day, I was in charge of setting a pace for completing tasks and ensuring I was meeting the goals I set for myself. I will strive to utilize the many invaluable lessons I have learned from Voleo in my future career and in life!

Q: You helped put together some educational content for our blog - thank you! What are your other go-to financial education resource recommendations?

A: One of my favourite place to start learning is with Forbes Money. They have an abundance of online articles on investing, finance, and pretty much anything related to business. After gaining a fundamental understanding of a major topic, I branch off into different subtopics. I browse through these subtopics at a variety of major financial websites, including TheStreet and NerdWallet and of course Voleo's blog. Visiting a wide range of sources allows me to compile what I believe is the most valuable information. 

Q: Any recommended finance books?

A: I recommend reading: The Intelligent Investor, One Up on Wall Street, and The Automatic Millionaire.

Q: What is your favorite Voleo feature?

A: My favourite Voleo feature is being able to propose investments in clubs. This feature generates discussion among a team about the pros and cons of and investment, leading them to make more educated decisions. 

Q: Any advice for others your age looking to learn more about Finance?

A: A great way to start learning more about finance with limited knowledge is by taking accounting courses in high school. They teach you about how companies record their financial statements and how finances influence a company’s direction moving forward. You will also acquire a strong financial vocabulary, which will help with understanding jargon in the stock market.


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