Best of Show at Finovate New York: Video


September 27, 2017

Earlier this month the Voleo team traveled to New York for a much anticipated fintech conference in the heart of midtown Manhattan. FinovateFall welcomes companies from across the globe to present and demo their technology, explaining new ways of engaging audiences and increasing financial awareness amongst consumers.

Hello Manhattan! Investment clubs for everybody! Via @myvoleo

We went to Finovate to share our platform with financial institutions who have trouble relating to the younger demographics, particularly the millennial generation. We’ve seen that creating a social environment around the stock market and trading has increased engagement and confidence amongst users to further pursue financial interests and continue building up a portfolio. Our demonstration featured the Voleo app, as well as a brief talk on what it means to connect with the millennial generation.

The conference kicked off with demos on Monday, September 11, with your team at Voleo presenting fourth. Some of us were a little (quite) nervous; the crowd was enormous, the stage vast, and the lights very, very bright. Overall it was an exciting experience and wonderful to be able to share what everyone at Voleo is so passion about: engaging people with their finances in a way that is genuine, social, and fun.

Watch our demo!


Finovate was a terrific experience for the team and we’re very proud to share (although it’s already been announced on social media), that Voleo took home a Best of Show award for our presentation!  Our CEO Thomas Beattie said, “It is rewarding to see the enthusiasm from financial institutions who are interested to deploy Voleo’s social trading apps to their users around the world.  The authenticity and genuine good-for-consumer nature of the platform really resonates.”

But that’s not all!