50 Free Online Resources To Learn About Investing

 Mirah Gocher

June 20, 2018

Investing in the stock market can seem confusing, intimidating, and complicated. There are plenty of reasons you might feel like this, and you’re not alone! Good news is, it’s not as scary or inaccessible as it may seem. With some basic education and practice, you can gain confidence investing in the stock market, regardless of your knowledge or experience level. We’ve put together 50 free (and ever-expanding) online resources you can use to learn more about investing right now:

Blogs & Websites

You’d be surprised how many companies have websites and blogs dedicated to investing and finance. Take advantage of the free resources they have available. Note: most blogs also have free subscription services so you can receive the latest updates as they happen!

Yahoo Finance – the ultimate source for stock quotes, industry news, and watchlists
The Balance – master every aspect of personal finance with expert advice and how-to guides
Investopedia – world’s leading source of investing information on the web
The College Investor – designed to help millennials learn about investing and personal finance
NerdWallet – personal finance website dedicated to making and managing financial decisions
The Street – business news that moves markets, stock analysis and data, and trading ideas
Forbes Investing – leading source for reliable news and updated analysis on investing
Money Under 30 – free financial advice to make more informed money decisions
Rule One Investing – Phil Town’s insights, advice, and tips for successful investing
Motley Fool – insight and analysis about stocks to help investors stay in the know
Kiplinger – timely, trusted advice on investing, retirement, saving, taxes, and other important finance topics
InvestorPlace – series of informative investing articles, free stock picks, and market news
USA Today Money News – the latest business and financial news on the market and economy
SmartAsset – free and interactive tools help you make decisions on loan refinancing, retirement, investing and more
Modest Money – investing news to improve your portfolio and personal finance articles to manage your money

Social Media

Similar to how you might look for exclusive clothing offers on Instagram, you can use social media to expand your investing knowledge, research, and opportunities. Following successful investors that share some insider secrets, or staying up-to-date with companies you invest in are just a few ways you can leverage social media to make smarter investing decisions.


Warren Buffet – the infamous investor shares worthy stock news and updates
Forbes Investing – a variety of financial news, articles, and features
Bespoke – daily investment research and market analysis for investors of all types
CNBC – real-time market coverage, investor stories, and financial news
Robert Kiyosaki – author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad shares inspiration for financial freedom


Rule One Investing – NY Times Bestseller Phil Town’s strategies for successful investing in less than 15 minutes each week
Financial Education – financial information, advice, and tips for investors of all ages and experience levels
Project Life Mastery – an all-inclusive channel for elevating your lifestyle, including goal-setting strategies and investing how-to’s
Minority Mindset – a dynamic, millennial-run channel focused on helping you save, grow, and manage your money
Jeff Rose – actionable strategies on how to make more money, invest smarter, and build wealth


InvestingSimple – a compilation of investing quotes, tips, and how-tos
WiseWomanWallet – tips and templates on budgeting, spending wisely, and changing your mindset when it comes to money
LearnVest – motivational quotes for financial inspiration
The Financial Diet – a guide to personal finance with daily advice, insights, and resources
Entrepreneur – inspiring, informing and celebrating entrepreneurs

Pro tip – follow all of your stock picks on social media. You can gain some valuable information about upcoming product releases, new partnerships, or other factors that might influence the value of their stock.

Finance Apps

Apps are the best when you’re on-the-go and need information quickly and accessibly. Lucky for you, there’s an app for everything – learn about the stock market, start an investment club, or expand your financial vocabulary, all at the touch of your fingertips.

Voleo – an interactive investment club app that allows users to start an investment club, make and vote on trade proposals collectively, and build a group portfolio
Stock Twits – read market news, build a watchlist, or discuss trades with other investors
Mint – effortlessly manage your budget, purchases, and bills all in one place
Stock Market Simulator – share stock trading ideas and practice investing risk-free
Benzinga –  the fastest financial news, trending social updates and auto-updating market data

Online Courses

When you’re just starting out with limited experience or wanting to master a particular skill, online courses are great for expanding your investing knowledge. Unlike those dry university courses that were mandatory for your degree, these courses are quick and accessible anywhere (and free, of course).

Coursera – learn any subject online and earn credentials
Khan Academy – expert-created content and resources for every subject and level
eDX – explore financial topics with courses from top institutions
Morningstar’s Classroom – 172 different courses with topics from bonds to real estate
CNN Money Essentials – introductory guide to investing, money management, and more


E-newsletters are one of our favourite ways to receive reliable yet digestible information, all in one place. (We actually have our staff subscribe to a minimum of 5 financial newsletters when they join our team!). Here are some of the best free e-newsletters to have daily financial news, industry trends, and stock insights, straight into your inbox each morning.

Finimize – short and simple financial news updates in under 3 minutes
Bloomberg – Bloomberg’s article highlights and top market news
The Morning Brew – the latest financial news from Wall Street to Silicon Valley
Rockstar Finance – 3 daily articles to start your morning
Business Insider – variety of financial topics delivered to your inbox weekly
Benzinga – designed to update subscribers on what’s happening in the market in 5 minutes
NerdWallet Investing – investing insights, tools and advice delivered monthly to your inbox
Financial Mentor – free educational newsletters for personal finance and investing insights
Dave Ramsey’s Investing Minute – great, minute-long investment tips from Ramsey
Wall Street Journal – variety of insights and breaking news from the financial community

Bottom line, you don’t need to hire a financial advisor or be a billionaire to get started with investing. There are thousands of free online resources available to help you develop financial literacy to make more informed decisions, avoid poor financial advice and investments, and contribute to an idealistic future!