10 Easy Questions to Find Out Your Investor Personality

When it comes to investing, personality matters.

Knowing your investing personality is important as it helps you assess the behaviour that you might adopt when it comes to investing and what risks you might take. Vancity Buzz wrote a great summary on the type of investor personalities.

The five types of investor personalities are:


The most likely to invest, most likely to work with an advisor, and exhibit the most “good investor behavior.”


Diligent people are more likely to work with advisors. They also read their statements thoroughly, but may not ask about compensation or do a background check.


Introverted. Less likely to consult third parties, conduct background checks, or know how their advisor is paid.


They typically don’t wait before deciding to invest and don’t conduct extensive research.


They are the most likely of all the personality types to be victims of fraud.

To find out what your personality is, take the quiz here. To get full description of the personalities, head over to Vancity Buzz.